We provide comprehensive services be it branding, marketing and sales services from the pre sale to the closing of the very last unit, Gravity Inc. allows you to focus on the construction process while we handle all remaining initiatives required for the successful promotion and sale of the project.

We offer our clients a bouquet of market knowledge and a dedicated team of professionals.  We always believe in giving a value for money services, these services are tailored to suit the requirement of project.

  • Research & Analysis
    • Surveys
    • Competitive Analysis
    • Market Feasibility Review

Real estate markets are constantly evolving. Not only in the number of buyers and sellers, but in the amount of new inventory in the market. Employment rates, local immigration to the region, and market fluctuations all play a role. We analyze regional data and cross reference with a competitive analysis to ensure we position your project in such a manner that it maximize our sales and profit.

  • Strategy
    • Branding
    • Marketing Channel
    • Budgeting

Available data is effectively used to position your development in the market. We work with your architect and design team to maximize the value of your space. We take your development vision, combine it with a target market based on our research to determine and implement a strategy to sell your project

  • Marketing
    • Media buying
    • Site Signage and site dressage
    • Social Media

Our marketing team keeps a check on every single move! We monitor marketing efforts online and onsite every single day and make sure that every rupee is spent in the right direction.   Gravity Inc. knows what works and what doesn’t and we are quick to make changes that work BEST! Every marketing rupee is valuable and we spend them like they’re our own

  • Sales
    • Sales Office
    • Pre Sales
    • Nurturing leads
    • Closing sales

At the end, result is the index of measurement of success for all campaigns. We don’t just set up the marketing and hope for the best, we bring buyers home. We leverage our database of experts, potential buyers, and real estate agents to drum up excitement before pre-sales even begin. Our team funnels this excitement into a specialized sales process that closes the deal.

  • Client Care
    • Client relationship
    • Documentation
    • Project Updates

During this whole process, we talk a lot about results. With these results, there’s a lot of paperwork and client management. Gravity Inc. handles all the contract administration, document management and any support the client requires. We handle the entire process, end-to-end.